Why InnovaLingo works?

A methodology designed to help you think in English

Vocabulary is the base of any language, how you learn vocabulary will determine how fast and how well you learn. Neurolinguistics connections are stronger with images and videos than with translations between 2 languages.

That’s the reason why we designed our program with images and videos and not with translations, with us you are going learn faster, and better.

Learning by doing, practice makes perfect

It is very simple, sitting down listening for hours to later do a 5 minutes practice is boring. I switched that around, short interactive videos following hours of activities make learning engaging and fun. The teacher already knows English, it’s your time to practice, it’s your time to talk.

4talkers.com an InnovaLingo product

4talkers.com is a social network where you can share memes, songs, videos you find useful, ask questions, interact with teachers and other students, and practice speaking with 4 people of similar level in our Virtual Round Tables. I promise myself I won’t say learning is “fast & easy” like everybody else, but I promise to make it fun and engaging. I want his to be an experience you enjoy that will bring the best results. Students that joined 4 or more round tables a week get fluent so fast it was surprising to me at first.

4talkers.com an InnovaLingo product

“TOEFL is the gold standard for English testing, in my experience, those who only focus on conversational English don’t do very well on formal testing”.

We designed 4talkers to help our students achieve fluency at a tremendous speed, but we go well beyond that, we have reading workshops, writing workshops that include grammar explaining videos along with hours of grammar practice. We truly want to be the last English institute you will ever need.